We are launching the Feelmakers blog, where we will share our news, premieres, film festivals and other topics related to the world of cinema, with a little reflection on the new trends in consumption of audio-visual content: the Video on Demand.

Are you familiar with this expression? «I pirate because there’s no supply on the net; if there would be any, I would pay to watch online contents». Well, a few days ago, the website of Gotham communication has published a post in which up to 121 platforms are listed in Spanish Video on Demand, including Feelmakers.com. A figure that few people would expect in our country and that shows the shift in audio-visual consumption. In other countries like USA, a leading country in VOD, or England, you can access to online platforms on TVs in an app format, like if they are television channels. That promotes the steady increase in viewings on demand, to the point that movies like Arbitrage or the recent Snowpiercer– that speeds right now towards $5 Million VOD gross– have focused its distribution strategy in the Video on Demand, using the screening in theaters as a promotion. The latest film to follow this trend is Scorsese’s latest production, Revenge of the Green Dragons, which after its premiere in Toronto, will run exclusively on VOD during the thirty days prior to its projection in theaters.

Snowpiercer, de Bong Joon-ho

Still from Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Snowpiercer’

After several years in the focus of the 301 report -the US Blacklist Piracy– Spain managed to leave last year, even though the latest report mention Spain several times, as continues to be monitored as one of the world’s countries with more piracy. In the report published this year, the countries with less respect of the intellectual property rights are: Algeria, Argentina, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand and Venezuela.

Regardless of the partiality of the report (it includes recommendations of private lobbies and business interests), other reports show that piracy in Spain is widespread. In the latest study of the Coalition of creators and content industries, «Observatory of piracy and consumption of digital content habits», it is stated that 84% of the digital content consumed in Spain is pirated. The major reason given in this case by pirates is economic: «I do not pay for content if I can get it for free», or «I am pirating more since the increase in VAT.»

Similarly, other statement about piracy is, «I do not go to the movies because it is very expensive». And no one can contradict it. As a result, since people no longer go to the movies, the theatres are closing, and we return to the limited cultural supply. Furthermore, in the case of content on the mainstream fringes, the shortage in supply is much more worrying.


Source: vodprofessional.com

Also, the price of the DVD or Blu-Ray formats is unreasonable. And it’s no less striking that a platform with as much capital as Netflix has invested exactly $0 in promoting their titles on optical disk so far this year, while investing $65 million in the same period in advertising their streaming titles.

In Feelmakers we realized that these two reasons -the lack of supply of quality content at economic prices- are the main reasons that lead moviegoers to download content illegally. The solution we propose is a Video on Demand platform with exclusive content at a reduced price.

Feelmakers isn’t just another website for streaming movies, but proposes an alternative, and it manages all distribution windows of the titles that offers, so all that barriers are removed with the theatres and distributors and all those limits (in Spain even four months) from window to window, being possible to watch our films from anywhere in the world, with subtitles in different languages. Also, Feelmakers is specialized in three movie channels: Feeldocs for documentary film; Feelshorts for short films, and Feeltoons for animated films. And all this at a very low price,  pay per view or flat rate.

What are you waiting to be a Feelmaker?