Among the news on Feelmakers you will find this week the first short from the director Beatriz Sanchis, The class, which was nominated to an Goya Award in 2008.

The class is a documentary showing the magic of a first experience: the first contact 4th graders will have with acting. We experience the learning process through the eyes of children, from their first lessons through until the end of the course and the recital for their parents.

After this film, the director continued telling her stories through children’s eyes, first in her second short, My other half, and then in her newly released debut in long feature: Todos están muertos. Currently, Beatriz Sanchis is part of the project created by User T38, Insight, where she joins a group of Spanish filmmakers interested in shooting commercials where they can find a style and personality traits close to filmmaking. These filmmakers are Nacho Vigalondo, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Borja Cobeaga, Manuel Martín Cuenca or Carlos Vermut, among others.