The Spanish Academy has shortlisted 15 short films in the fiction category that compete for being part of the finalists for the Goya Awards. Here is a special program with a reduced price with 14 of these shortlisted films:

Absolutely personalJulián Merino

absolutamente personal

Ahora noElia Ballesteros, Kate Campbell

Coffee to goPatricia Font


Citizen Torralba ReduxSuso Hernández

The ravine of the British, Víctor Matellano


Crossbox killerKepa Sojo

Meeting with Sarah Jessica, Vicente Villanueva

PitahayaAlbert Espinosa

Pulse, Álvaro Giménez

SafariGerardo Herrero

No answer, Miguel Parra

Sincerity, Andrea Casaseca

A whole future together, Pablo Remón

Preferential treatment, Carlos Polo