Souvenir, the first Gerardo Carreras film, is a short documentary produced in 2013 that won, among others, the Alcine, Documenta Madrid and L’alternative Festival’s Official Selection Awards, the Zinebi’s Grand Prix of Spanish Cinema and a special mention in Abycine. The Spanish magazine Caiman chose it as one of the 12 best 2013 short films.

Produced by Gerardo Carreras’ own producer company, Muak Canarias, Souvenir “silently” reflects on how we enjoy our leisure time, but also the short is a historical journey through the ways and means to be a tourist from yesterday and today. It reflects on routines. Souvenir born from the images that the director’s father shot in Super 8, most of them when he was not yet born. The combination of the images of the father (yesterday) and Gerardo (today) not only establishes a generational dialogue, but also a reflection on the passage of time and the changes associated with it.

In the words of the director: «The film itself, as an object that holds the memories of my father, becomes a souvenir of places, people and the passion for film of my father. It’s dedicated to him.»

Following his acclaimed debut as director Souvenir, Carreras has been part of the production of Sergio Candel, La señora Brackets, la niñera, el nieto bastardo y Emma Suárez and Bruno Lazaro’s Erika’s Eyes. He is also an associate producer of the Victor Moreno’s documentary Edificio España (2012).


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