As you know, on Feelmakers you can find films collections with flat rates. To the special collections that we presented a few weeks ago, we have now added three new specials, and we will be adding new packs every week. A special for every occasion, a movie for every mood.You choose!

Goya Award Winners for Fiction Short Films

From Rafa Russo ‘s Nothing to lose, Goya Award for Best Fiction Short of 2002 Edition, to Gaizka Urresti’s Private sale, short film winner in the most recent edition of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences Awards, we have selected for this ‘tour’ the most outstanding works that have received this prestigious award.

LoL Special

Let’s laugh at job insecurity and crisis, as Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso in The employment and Paul Remon in Circus; let’s laugh at the couples and the marriage, as Vicente Villanueva in Heterosexuals and Married People; let’s laugh in a surrealistic science fiction tone as Chema García Ibarra does in Protoparticles; let’s laugh at something that is Not funny, like Carlos Violadé, or at something that actually torments, as Cesar Díaz Melendez in Atormenta. Whatever, but please, lots of laugh!

Avalon: independent production with author signature

We reported last week of the new collection of short films produced by Avalon. We needed to complete our selection the Beatriz Sanchis’ delicious second short, My other half, and now we got it! 

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