Filmmaker Mikel Alvariño studied film directing at the School of Visual Arts Septima Ars in Madrid. There he met Eugenio Mira (Grand Piano), with whom he developed several scripts, such as Fade (2000).

In 2004, they shot The Birthday, a feature film written by Mikel, directed by Eugenio and starring Corey Feldman. Selected at major festivals around the world, The Birthday was awarded, among others, at Sitges Film Festival and at Fantastic Fest in Austin.

In 2005, Mikel shot his first short film, Circulating Currents, winner of over 30 national and international festivals and a multitude of selections in the five continents, which you can watch on Feelshorts.

The short talks, as indicated by the director himself in the Fernando Quiñones Contest, “about how love can assault us by surprise anytime. We can be happily (or sadly) committed, sadly (or happily) single, being in the dawn or twilight of our lives. Whatever. One day, by surprise, we stumbled upon someone with whom we could be happier. And the other person feels the same. Would we say: “I love you, let’s be happy together?” No. We stammer, we dissimulate, enjoy, extend the time … and fled in terror.”

“But sometimes those moments return, because love is a circular current that moves between us, the time and the space. Although, if we do not seize the opportunities that flow, maybe that current never drag us again…. ”

Fotograma de 'Óscar desafinado'

Frame from ‘Óscar desafinado’

After making the short films Something is happening and Ernesto and Friend (symphonic fairy tale), the script of Juanma Pachón’s McGuffin, and after working as a screenwriter on numerous television shows such as Question of sex or Physics and chemistry, he has just released his latest short film Oscar desafinado, with which he won the Best Short Film Award at 2014 Sitges Film Festival.

Do not miss the first short of this promising director.

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