In the International Documentary Section of FeelFest, Yes, We fuck! is a documentary-cum-tool of social activism, which, in addition to addressing sexuality issues in people with disabilities, is a project where people participate, dialogue and most of all, question.

The project, directed by Antonio Centeno and Raul de la Morena, gives visibility to groups working on political issues linked to the body and sexuality (functional diversity, feminism, transfeminisms, LGBT, queer, intersex, between others).

The six stories shown in the documentary somehow exemplify each of these positions of the gender and disabilities.

The protagonists of Yes We Fuck! include two members of the group of postporn Post-op, the love story of Miriam, in a wheelchair, and Pama, her partner; Oriol with cerebral palsy, and Linda, who performs BDSM services (Bondage, Domination, Submission and Sadism Masochism); Mertxe, a blind woman who goes to a sex workshop taught by Kani, a boy who was born female; a group of boys and girls with intellectual diversity. Finally, in the sixth story, a person needs a sexual assistant to go where their functional diversity does not make possible.

In short, Yes, We Fuck! documents six real and different stories where sex becomes a weapon of pleasure in favour of individual and collective rights of people.