An elderly woman and her son share a stuffy home with a spectacular collection of exotic birds. Both of them have given in to their co-dependency, trapped in a world with no way out.

Mother and son do their daily chores, a routine in which each one of them succumbs to the needs of each other. Indeed, everyday nature of their movements hides a secret.

Wunderkammer is the first and only short film (the director has shot two feature films after it) by theater and film director Andrea Pallaoro. In all his work, the director discusses human alienation and its relationship with intimacy. Pallaoro is interested in exploring the complexity of human behaviour through the cinematic language and the art of creating images.

In the words of the director: “Wunderkammer was born from the passionate aspirations of portraying and exploring the unsettling, delicate and intimate nature of the everyday austere moments and gestures that determine and shape the co-dependent relationship between a mother and her son. Two characters who have alienated themselves from the rest of society by creating their own private world. This state of existence found its authenticity through the physical creation of an exclusive inner being, where the immobility of death illuminates the condition of the living. This film seeks to reject any kind of moralism; in fact, it was written and directed with the firm belief that, to comprehend human behaviour, all acts of judgment must be suspended. ”