A study by Stephen Follows on the film industry, the graph for which appears in this article, shows how women make up only 23% of staffs. Of the different film production departments (production, art, sound…), the camera department neglects women the most, where they are present in 5% of cases. And indeed, less than 2% feature women as directors.

We wish to condemn this unfair situation in the upcoming International Women’s Day while at the same time celebrating this occasion by highlighting four present day filmmakers from among the many women directors who have films in our catalogue.

Gracia Querejeta


Daughter of costume designer Carmen Marin and producer Elías Querejeta, Gracia has 20 films as director, including short films, feature films, documentaries and television work. Her extensive filmography has earned her 13 awards and 24 nominations, from such festivals as the Malaga Film Festival, the Seminci, and the San Sebastian Film Festival.

With the upcoming release of her new film, Happy 140, on Feelmakers you have two essential short films, Cordelias and Academic failure. In addition, Gracia, an ardent supporter of intellectual property rights, is part of our Feel Commission.


Marina Seresesky


Argentinian director and actress based in Spain, Marina Seresesky has directed two short films and a documentary, which you can find on Feelmakers: The wedding, The cortègeselected for over 350 festivals and winner of more than 100 awards, in addition to being shortlisted for the Goya awards- and Mother 15 cents a minute.

Currently, the director is finishing her highly anticipated first feature film, The Open Door, which will be released in 2015.

Beatriz Sanchís


Beatriz Sanchis belongs to the new wave of directors in Spanish filmmaking. Her first short film, the documentary The Class, was nominated for the Goya Awards. She later shot My Other Half, a moving fiction short film that would be her springboard into feature filmmaking, with the auteur film production company, Avalon. Last year, she released her debut; They’re All Dead, a film as risky as it is attractive, one earned her second Goya nomination, this time for Best Directoral Debut. We look forward to her next steps. In the mean time, you can see her two short films on Feelshorts.


Sam Taylor-Johnson


We conclude this review of just some of the films in our catalogue made by women with the woman who has had the greatest box office success this year. Sam Taylor Wood, the director of Nowhere Boy, her first feature, is achieving great success at the box office with Fifty Shades of Grey. On Feelshorts, you’ll find what we consider to be her best work, Love you more, of which we spoke a few weeks ago.