Vicente Villanueva is now shooting his second feature, entitled Móstoles is not what it seems or the importance of being Encarna, in Mostoles and Tenerife since last April. Leading the casting, actresses Victoria Abril, Alexandra Jimenez and Cristina Castaño. Scripted by the director himself, the film features special collaboration with The Supreme of Móstoles.

In the film, life seems frozen in time to Encarna in Mostoles, her city. The same job since she was a teenager, the same boyfriend, and little prospects for change. When she reconnects with Maria Dolores, her inseparable friend in high school, her life is turned upside down by an opportunity to enter a revolutionary business that might make her not only rich fast, but also make her into the person she has always wanted to be.

On Feelmakers, we cannot wait to see the new work of one of our favourite directors, the one with the most titles in our catalogue. In the meantime, you can watch his short films on Feelshorts: six unique stories with a trademark sense of humor: The future is in porn, You are, Queen and beggar, The blonde from Pinos Puente, Heterosexuals and married people and Meeting with Sarah Jessica.

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