Croatian director Jure Pavlovic is one on a select young team of emerging filmmakers that the Berlin International Film Festival chooses to educate every year with the best experts in all fields of cinema. Once trained, the filmmakers return to their home countries to implement the teachings of the festival. Subsequently, the Berlinale calls them back, selects their movies and shows them a part of one of its several sections, as the final touch to their training.

This is the case of Pavlovic, whose third short film, Picnic, was screened at the Generation Programme section in this year’s Berlinale. After its premiere in Berlin, the short is making the rounds on the international festival circuit.

Before Picnic, Pavlovic directed the short film Umbrella, part of this week’s news on Feelshorts, for which he has won several awards at such festivals as the Morocco Mediterranean Festival.

In Umbrella, Tea unexpectedly shows up at Ivan’s door late at night. When asked to explain, she said she decided to come back to collect the umbrella that she had forgotten. But as they talk, Ivan slowly realizes the real reason for her visit.