Do not miss the new documentary film by Juan Rayos, True Smile, a beautiful story about overcoming. It tells the story of a journey as seen through empty gaze of Sergio, a blind autistic boy who runs 1,300 kilometres with his brother as a guide for a month.

The documentary gives us a look into Sergio’s impenetrable world, so similar to the desert they travel to on their trip. What underlies this story is Sergio’s amazing ability to fight and the infinite love of his brother and companion.

To direct this documentary, it was necessary to find someone very special, someone who has experience working behind the camera, who possesses the degree of sensitivity and intuition necessary for capturing Sergio’s world, so complex and so full of nuances. Juan Rayos, whose other work is also on Feelmakers, learned about the project and joined the team with no condition other than to direct the documentary with complete freedom. .

The documentary has won several awards, including the Critics Award at the 24th Madrid Film Festival-PNR.