Occasionally, we like to highlight the filmography of one of the great Feelmakers in our director’s section. This week we have chosen the director Toni Bestard, whose selection of short films on Feelshorts is unmissable.

His first short was Solo por un tango (1999), a 35mm short with a comedic tone, one which garnered more than 10 awards, including a Special Jury Mention at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival.

In 2001 he directed Cats, a Short Project Canal + winning short film; in 2002 he directed The Trip, written by Arturo Ruiz, and one of the most award-winning shorts in Spain in 2003. It holds 42 awards and was selected at such international festivals as the Los Angeles Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and Cartagena de Indias Film festival, among others. His latest short film to date is Foley Artist (2013), which was shortlisted for the Goya Awards and subsequently shot as his first feature film, The Perfect Stranger (2011).

On Feelshorts, we have prepared a selection of his short films:

The Trip (2002)

Street buddies Santi and Luismi stumble upon a body in their local dump. Betraying their tender age, the pair impart their insightful and humorously touching theories as to the man’s ultimate fate.


Baggage Claim (2006)

Baggage claim at an airport. Two passengers waiting for suitcases. They don´t know each others but they make a bet. Which suitcase will appear first?


Voodoo Child (2008)

Mallorca, July, 1968. Singer and musician Jimi Hendrix is playing at Sergeant Pepper’s discotheque in Palma de Mallorca. At the same time, sixteen-year-old Pablo finds himself forced into an initiation process in which he loses his innocence and takes his first steps into manhood.


Exchange (2010)

Every year for 50 years, Joan has been taking photographs of the same beach from the same place. His routine changes completely when he unexpectedly finds Marta in his line of sight.