In Tomboy, the protagonist is Chloe, a girl who looks just that way, like a “tomboy”: short hair, underdeveloped and very masculine mannerisms. In fact, Chloe has only male friends, with whom she gets along well when playing football and “boys” games.

Despite her masculinity, Chloe is secretly in love with her best friend, Ben. When he begins to mourn when he loses his little kitten, Chloe reprimands him: “Do not cry. Only girls cry “. Chloe, unable to comfort her best friend, sees how a new girl in the gang does, by embracing him.

To compete with her new adversary, Chloe tries to dress in women’s clothes, but her mother tells her that, even dressed in girl’s clothes, she is a gruff and grumpy child, which the boys do not like. Unable to compete with this new girl with long hair and short skirts, Chloe realizes that her last resort is the exercise of power.

Tomboy is a story about adolescence love, and the expectations and prejudices with regard to gender that society imposes on us from a very young age. The second film by the French director Claudine Natkin, Tomboy was awarded at the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Festival.