This month we are premiering the documentary feature Though You May Not Know our video on demand platform—a gorgeous portrait of Luis García Montero, a poet whose profile is more like that of a rock star than a prototypical brainy and well-read writer.

As said by its directors, Charlie Arnaiz and Alberto Ortega, the documentary is not meant just for the followers of García Montero. It is, above all, a movie for those who have not yet discovered him.

Though You May Not Know shows us the poet’s private side, his many different facets: as a disciple of Alberti, a fawner of Lorca, husband of AlmudenaGrandes and friend of Sabina and Morente, though first and foremost, a useful poet whose verses speak to us.


Enjoy the captivating art of Luis García Montero (one of his poems is translated below) with this documentary.

Completely Friday

By the detergents and dish soap
by the orderly books and broom on the floor,
by the clean windows, by the table
without papers, notebooks or pens,
by the easy chairs without newspapers,
whoever approaches my house
will find a day
that is completely Friday.

That is how I find it
when I go out into the streets
and the cathedral has been
taken over by the world of the living
and in the supermarket
June becomes a bottle of gin,
sausages and dessert,
fan of light in the kiosk
of the flower shop,
city that undresses completely Friday.

As does my body
which recalls the memory of your body
and foretells your presence
in the restlessness of all it touches,
in the remote control for the music,
in the paper of the magazine,
in the ice melted away
just as the morning melts away
completely Friday.

When the front door opens
the icebox divines what my body knew
and suggests other titles for this poem:
completely you,
morning of the return, good love,
good company.

Can watch it in this link.