Anna Solanas has been working in the world of puppet animation for 10 years, shooting hand by hand with Marc Riba. They have made 8 short films, which have been selected in more than 700 festivals around the world, winning 100 prizes.

Through their production company, I+G Stop Motion, they are currently developing a new tv serie entitled, Triton, the Little Wizard, and a feature film, Errònia.

They have found their own inimitable style, portraying a world full of misfits and rebels. They pay special attention to the complex and contradictory universe inhabited by children, where innocence, imagination and ingenuity remain inextricably entwined with cruelty, selfishness and petty obsession. The powerful theme of sexuality also features in their work, ever present in our lives and certainly in that of children, from a very early age.

Discover the world of stop motion of Marc Riba and Anna Solanas on Feeltoons, with three of his best shorts: Grand Prix (2011), Violeta, the woman fishing in the black sea (2007) and Lupe & Bruno (2005).