In an article this week from its online edition, the renowned Variety magazine has picked out the ten most promising emerging filmmakers on the Spanish scene today.

On this list, we find José Alba, CEO of Pecado Films and producer of the highly anticipated film Gernica (directed by Koldo Serra); Xacio Baño, director of two award-winning short films, To be and to come back, finalist at the 2015 Goya Awards, and Anacos, selected at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand film festival; Oscar Bernacer, whose latest short film, Bikini, has been the big surprise of the year; Pau Brunet, a member of The Panda production company, which with 10,000 kms has gained international recognition; screenwriters Alfred Fargas and Roger Danish; filmmakers Jon Garano and Jose Mari Goenaga, whose feature Flowers was unfairly snubbed at the latest Goya Awards; Ian Garrido (his graduation short film Victor XX is currently at Cannes); Josecho Linares, who participated in the collective film Puzzled Love; Elena Lopez Riera (also at Cannes this year with her short Pueblo) and Haritz Zubillaga, with his award-winning shorts She’s lost control and The Lake House.


From this list, we are featuring two filmmakers with two outstanding films in the Feelshorts catalogue. Firstly, Oscar Bernacer and two short films: Breakfast at Enrique’s and Bikini. And secondly, Xacio Baño and his short film Anacos.

Read the full article on Variety’s website here.