Óscar Pérez and Mia de Ribot recover in Hollywood talkies the memory of a group of Spanish actors who emigrated to the United States to work in the Spanish versions of the Hollywood films, with the advent of talkies in 1927. Of that generation of actors that started with the dream of becoming Hollywood stars, most of them were forgotten, while others, like Edgar Neville or Imperio Argentina, who decided to return to Spain, had better luck. The documentary film pays tribute to those who failed, since it was more profitable dubbing to these different language versions.

Hollywood talkies was nominated for the Gaudi Awards and competed at the 2011 Gijon Film Festival, where Mia de Ribot said about the film:

“The film is meant to facilitate an encounter with these people. It also reflects the path taken by them, their estrangement, loss of identity, and the disappearance. We call the characters through individuality because that was what they lost there in Los Angeles. It is an austere but very sensory film. It was a tough experience to film it because you are looking for something that is not visible: the sense of time.”