In the era of immediacy and accessibility to technology, anyone with an Instagram filter on his smartphone can become a photographer (the latest film by Xavier Dolan, Mommy, filmed in 1: 1, makes reference to the format).

In this sense, the director of The Russian machine, Octavio Guerra, considers his father, Zoilo Guerra, a reference, discovering reels of Super 8 films shot during director’s childhood.

The Russian machine is a visual tour narrated by the director through these “memories that were closed in a cardboard box”, but is also a kind of film analysis of what the author considers “films based on life experiences”. And, if Instagram makes photographers, it is logical that the Home Theater Super 8  have done filmmakers, and that we all have a “retired”  filmmaker at home.

The Russian machine is shortlisted for the Goya Awards for Best Documentary Short Film, and you will find it on as part of the special collection of the nominees in this category at the 2015 awards.