This documentary film The Railroad All-Stars is already on Feeldocs; this work was selected and awarded at international festivals of the stature of the Berlinale and the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Chema Rodriguez directed this production of Producciones sin un duro producer company (tandem that premiered last year the film Night Falls in India, with actor Juan Diego).

The Railroad All-Stars is the name of a football team formed by a group of women who earn their living as prostitutes, two dollars per service, in the neighbourhood of La Línea in Guatemala, suffering daily abuse, police persecution and harassment for exercising their profession.

In order to denounce their situation and stand up for their rights as professionals, a group spokesman decides to start up a football team and compete in a local women’s football league. After the first game, the team is expelled from the tournament for their professional status, something that travelled beyond the local level and generated a controversy that divided the country between defenders and detractors, which changed the lives of these women.

The documentary tells this story by dealing with the past, with the terrible memories of these women; the present, impelled to fight and driven by their survival instinct and the need to demand respect from society, and a future that they can build together.