The Cuban director Rolando Diaz, nominated for a Goya Award for Best Documentary Film for The Long Rustic Journey returns to documentary films with The Pathaways of Aissa, a portrait of a young African woman born in Cameroon residing since she was a child in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Serious conflicts with her mother forced her to leave home. This break brought great pain and deep loneliness, to the point of attempting suicide on four occasions.

But Aissa also has a strong spirit, wrestler, lively, and has incorporated into her life two major objectives: try to get a place as a dancer in a company of African dance and, above all, to recover the broken dialogue with her mother as soon as she comes out from prison.

Director considers with this film, a novelty of the week on Feeldocs, the issues of immigration from the pain representing family separation and loss of identity in people who are separated from their homeland and their families.

Diaz has directed eight films including If you would understand me, screened in the Forum section of the Berlin Film Festival, the International Festival of Toronto and in Amsterdam. The Pathaways of Aissa, 2013, is his return to the documentary genre.