From late 2009 to mid 2013, journalist Ezequiel Sanchez recorded his travels in a station wagon through Mexico and Central America by shooting short documentaries self-managed as part of the Chakana Project, a collective formed by a group of people seeking to democratize access to knowledge about the various realities coexisting in Latin America.

One of these films is The Old Huastec Woman, the story of the life of an elderly Huasteca woman alone in the Cave of Swallows, a natural abyss located in the town of Aquismón, part of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, where the so-called Huasteca Potosina is located.

After admiring the natural spectacle of the birds there, Doña Concepción tells us how she grew up, what life was like when she was young, how the people changed and how nowadays she manages to keep on going with the girl she has adopted.

Doña Concepción, such a self-made woman that she taught herself Spanish and gave birth in secret all her children without any medical help, sparks different feelings throughout her testimony, from tenderness to admiration for this deeply courageous woman.