In these days, when one year ends and the next begins, there is no better pastime for any cinephile than doing and contrasting rankings with the Best of the Year: the best / worst movies, the best documentary films, the most seen …

So, on Feelmakers we are presenting the most award-winning short film ever made, for your delight in the purest Rob Gordon (John Cusack) style –High Fidelity (Stephen Frears)-. Because There Are Things We Never Forget (2008), by Lucas Figueroa, entered the Guinness Book of Records with 300 awards at festivals worldwide.

Although is fully Spanish financing, the short film was shot in Italian language with Italian actors. Set in the Naples of 1950, it tells the story of four children playing soccer, when the ball falls into the yard of an old poor, retaining them not to play ball again. Revenge of the children will be terrible.

Director mixes this Italian neorealist style that affects the colorimetry and atmosphere with a tribute in planning to Fincher and Jeunet.