We’re premiering the 2015 documentary short The Lying Man, a film directed by Nicolás Muñoz about the work process of the sculptor Antonio Lopez and his team. A journey from workshop to the museum that contrasts with lights from the flashes, the questions from journalists, and everything surrounding the assembly of an important exhibition.

The exhibition documented in the film was held in the Thyssen Museum in Madrid from June to September 2011, where the artist presented his sculpture The Lying Man, finished just a few days before being put on display. This exhibition is considered the most important of his career, which showed “all the best and all the worst of my life and my society”, in the words of Antonio López.

The humility of the artist (who prefers to take the subway after a hard day’s work in the workshop before bothering anyone), the long sessions of hard work on sculptures under his wife’s watchful and concerned gaze, the doubts and nerves about the premiere of any artist, these are all juxtaposed in The Lying Man, with the photo call and the flood of personalities at the inauguration at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.