For many countries, it is enviable how German society views its past of hatred and intolerance as an inescapable part of its history, an absolute must in order to prevent it from every happening again.

In The Little Nazi, this past comes out in a German family during an act as mundane as the family decorating a Christmas tree.

The Wölkel family wants to celebrate Christmas with the paternal grandmother, as they do every year. The couple’s little daughter is, along with her grandmother, in charge of the Christmas decorations, while the rest of the family, her parents and eldest sister, join the celebration later.

But an old dusty box has kept the lid on not only the Christmas ornaments, but also the nationalist feelings of the paternal family. The Wölkel couple must do the impossible to keep the eldest daughter’s new boyfriend, an Israeli, from ever learning about this “Nazi rebirth”.

Good treatment of this idea in this short film directed by Petra Lüschow, by humorously showing the absurdity of the generational transfer of political ideas.