Carlos Montero is writer on such highly Spanish TV series as The Superintendent, Al salir de clase and Physics or Chemistry, as well as feature films such as Daniel Calparsoro’s Combustion. In his role as director, Montero has a much more complex and personal profile.

In Easy Money, the first surprise is the performance of Mario Casas, especially considering that it’s a 2011 short film (in recent years, Casas has matured significantly as an actor, and has also improved his choice of scripts).

Casas plays a young, sexy but untrained hustler who goes to a hotel room to perform a sexual service. But he soon discovers that the client has requested a very different service: he’s looking for a murderer to kill his wife.

This script came to Carlos Montero’s mind one evening at home watching the Millenium saga, and he decided to make it happen because it needed a good cast and he managed to do so since Mario Casas, Ales Furundarena and Cristian Mulas were interested in interpreting it.

The result is an entertaining 15-minute film with a solid and surprising script, firm directing and very good performances.