Traditionally associated with celebrities and the jet set, cocaine used to be too expensive for nearly everyone: which is why in the eighties the drug for the lower class was heroin. But in the last 30 years, the price of cocaine has fallen nearly 90%. By dropping the price, traffickers have been able to expand the market, at the expense, naturally, of the quality of the product, which passes through endless processes of refining and cutting using all kinds of highly dangerous chemical products.

But how does it get from producer to consumer? What happens at each stage of its journey and what are the main links in the productive chain? The director of this documentary feature follows the cocaine route from the jungles of Colombia to uptown Paris.

A journalist for almost 20 years and an independent director – producer, Thierry Gaytán started his career as a reporter and photographer, then became a permanent correspondent for the major Columbian TV channels, covering a large variety of events worldwide. Today, he increasingly gives priority to the Latin-American continent. He has done other work on related themes, such as Colombian hitmen and the Modelo Prison of Bogota.