Today we are presenting one of the best-rated films of the Feelshorts channel. Portraits, directed by Ivan D. Gaona, forms a narrative tandem with The Tiple, by the same director, that you also will find on our short films channel.

The Colombian filmmaker sought to star in the two stories an elderly couple with the same lifestyle that his characters, choosing two rural elderly, Veronica Romero de Moncada and Justo Pastor Moncada, who play themselves in the fiction. Both share the weight of the two shorts, mundane stories told as two daily episodes of a couple of endearing peasants with whom Gaona pinpoints the personality of each one and the relationship with their environment.

In Portraits, Veronica brings home a Polaroid that has gained in the market, camera with which the couple discover a piece of the industrialized and playful world to which they not belong. In The tiple, Justo Pastor will be forced to sell their tiple (guitar) to pay the medicines for Veronica, who is ill. Stories and characters with an apparent simplicity of which the director knows how to extract different layers and implied details.

We can’t wait to a new instalment of these little episodes in the life of Veronica and Justo Pastor.