Today opens on The Basque swastika, a documentary film produced by EsRec and directed by Alfonso Andrés and Javier Barajas, about an unusual project by the German filmmaker Herbert Brieger and his team during the Second World War, as happened the victories of the Third Reich: the shooting of a film about the life of the Basques.

Finished the war, this film was lost and its director was forgotten, until half a century later it was discovered the only existing copy of Im lande der Basken (North Country Basque); an intriguing documentary about these people from the racial perspective of the Nazi and linked to the plan to establish an alliance with the Basque nationalist movement and representatives of other ethnic groups in order to build a new territorial order in Europe.

70 years later, these dark deeds and their protagonists come to light thanks to the testimony of their sons, to the discovery of unpublished documents and the memories of surviving witnesses of a time in which the domain of the swastika extended from Volga to Bidasoa.


The Basque swastika was awarded at the Spanish Film Festival in Nantes with the Best Documentary of 2014 award, and has been selected at numerous festivals, among them the Film Festival of Guadalajara, Documenta Madrid or the nomination for the Goya 2013 Awards.