Survivors directors, Itziar Bernaola and Pablo Ferrán, had as main reference for the production of their documentary the book The look of suicide. The enigma and stigma, by Juan Carlos Pérez Jiménez. It reveals alarming data that the society doesn’t know about the problem of suicide: one million people commit suicide every year in the world, making it the leading cause of violent death. However, media do not talk about it, due to the false belief of the repeater effect of informing about suicides.

These data show a reality that is there, but we all cover, like another taboo in our society. The author of the book and his family avoided for years talking about the suicide of his father, even detailing the cause of death to other people.

These are the premises of Survivors, a story that interweaves the testimonies of relatives of people who committed suicide and those who tried and failed, to give visibility to this reality that too often remains hidden behind the taboo and feeling of guilt of those who lost someone who wanted to stop living. The multiplicity of these stories is aesthetically connected in the film by the mural illustrations by Milena Jarjour, acting on the wall where she draws as the thread that sews the pieces of each story.

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