In the documentary film Sex Tourists: Tracking the Paedophiles, filmmakers Hervé Bouchaud and Stephane Rodriguez investigate paedophile tourism by means of the struggles of Thierry Darnaudet and his NGO.

Every year, thousands of people travel abroad to have sex with children. Cambodia is a top destination for these ‘tourists’, who can hire these services for very little money.

To combat these “tourists” in Cambodia, Thierry Darnaudet created an NGO, Action for Children (, composed of 50 detectives from Cambodia to give chase to these paedophiles and arrest them on the spot. Darnaudet’s network led to the arrest of more than 100 criminals. They often work with the FBI and other authorities to deport these criminals back to their countries. They also petition governments to ban paedophile groups such as Dutch Martjin.

Darnaudet’s tenacity in his fight has resulted in a network of 123 NGOs in 35 countries, though, as the documentary film explains, it’s a never-ending battle. To avoid being arrested, some paedophiles in Asia are now ’adopting’ young children to abuse.

And as soon as the law starts closing in on them in one country, the paedophiles move on to another. The latest destination is Kenya, which has become the new ‘El Dorado’ for sexual predators…