After the recent ban on the Toro de Vega and on duck hunting event in Sagunto, Spain, the documentary Santa Fiesta carries on with its awareness-raising crusade and decries animal abuse at popular festivals in Spain.

July 7th, it will make its world debut exclusively on the Video on Demand web portal,

Miguel Angel Rolland’s documentary Santa Fiesta resoundingly decries the brutal treatment and torture that animals endure at many popular festivals in Spain. With no interviews, narrator or music, the film immerses the audience on a visual journey: shot throughout Spain over the course of the year, we are taken to savage celebrations where animals are abused for the enjoyment of those attending.

Some celebrations are virtually unknown, others more famous, such as the recently banned Toro de la Vega tournament in Tordesillas and the Duck hunts in Sagunto, as well as countless celebrations in which participants dance, drink, laugh and celebrate at the expense of the suffering and death of animals: bulls set on fire, roped, stabbed, shot with darts or thrown into water: followed by the abuse of pigeons, rats, pigs, geese, horses and even ants. A flurry of partying, blood and faith rooted in Spanish culture. A first-hand experience of the Santa Fiesta through a parade of images, sounds, colors and emotions.

The film, which participated in the last year’s Documenta Madrid festival in the Panorama section of Spanish Documentaries, received support from over 500 people from 30 countries around the world in June 2015 who contributed to its crowdfunding campaign to stir up consciences among those who still tolerate this savage tradition.

Miguel Angel Rolland was nominated for a Goya Award for Best Documentary Short Film for Aerosol (2004). He has also directed the films Yongheng, Henna, 40 Degrees In The Shade, Nadie, De-mo-cra-cia. (MADRID 11M. TODOS IBAMOS EN ESE TREN), Souvenir, Suite#3 and Juanito.

Music by DEF CON DOS

The official theme song for the film Santa Fiesta is by the band Def Con Dos and part of their repertoire as they tour with the album Alzheimier Pal Pueblo, now on sale.

Media says

«More than just a succession of brutal images, this film aims to stir consciences». El Diario Vasco

«Exemplary sound and visuals […] A head-on encounter with the reality in Spain, where tradition and culture are confused with violence and torture». El País

«The format of Santa Fiesta is one of sobriety, with no need for sound or visual dressings to simply witness the act as any attendee would, live and in person».

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