As part of the new features of the week on Feeltoons we’re presenting Reality 2.0, an animated documentary short film by Mexican director Victor Orozco.

Trained in Germany with a Master of Fine Arts in the field of documentary film, Orozco specializes in animation and documentary films.

Indeed, his arrival in Germany begins the narration in Reality 2.0. The filmmaker wanted to distance itself from Mexico and believed that the physical distance could help, but in the Internet age distances vanish the moment we enter YouTube, a website that has already become a large window to the world.

As the director explains in the documentary, the recent presidents of Mexico have followed a policy comparable to that of George W. Bush in the US and, similarly, traffickers have responded to these policies in way similar to the one Al Qaeda did: by uploading their atrocities to YouTube. The viral online content is a powerful tool used by the drug dealers to spread terror among the population, to create their “Necropolis”.

Reality 2.0, an award-winning work at film festivals worldwide, recounts with a steady hand the violence related to drug trafficking in such a “surreal” country as Mexico, where “rats evolve in rabbits”.

The visual narrative treatment, combined with a mixture of animation and digital manipulation of the image archive, is one of the short’s many highlights. The author uses this second resort as a veil, allowing him to show the rawness of his story, though also preventing him from falling into the morbid or disgusting, in line, for example, with the comic strip aesthetics in the violent scenes in Benjamin Ávila’s Clandestine Childhood.