“Life is a constant struggle in which victory is not guaranteed. But if I can manage to fully satisfy my spirit by working and sacrificing with all my desire, by being honest and true to myself and my fellow men, I will work my strength, my speed, my technique, my responsibility, my respect, and my discipline, so that my wife, my parents and I feel honoured and protected. (…) This is our credo. The junkyard creed.”

So begins Puño y metal, the documentary short film by Victor Alonso Berbel which competed in the documentary Schools section of the last edition of FeelFest. Through an evocative aesthetic of underground boxing, this documentary shows the lives of the people at the Chatarras Palace, an underground gym where every day, young people from all over Barcelona go to channel what they feel through boxing.

Puño y metal is Alonso’s first documentary, for which he received the Best New Director prize at the International Film Festival of Sitges. You can see it now on demand on Feelmakers