Alvaro Gimenez Sarmiento, Pulse director, knows that in the imaginary of the viewer are put in place the narrative structures of the films in which murders are investigated. So much so that some time ago, it seemed that the genre was ending, in the same way that now seems to have returned with the True Detective series and in Spanish cinema with Minimum Island by Alberto Rodriguez.

Likewise, Pulse, in the most-difficult-still of the short format, tells how in late 2008, on the outskirts of Kiev, appeared the lifeless body of Anna Skobalski , a young of 14 years old. The discovery of the body initiates a police investigation to find the perpetrator.

But, as mentioned, the author knows that his audience has enough visual culture in this genre, so that he synthesizes all the narrative journey showing a series of visual and sound layers to give all the references of a police investigation: from photographs of the dead girl to images of the security cameras in the interrogation rooms of the police station, and films in which we hear the statements of the family. One by one all the elements pass in front of the viewer, who just should compose the piece, making use once again, of the imaginary of the genre.

Filmmaker Alvaro Gimenez Sarmiento has directed numerous television programs, commercials and new media formats. Pulse (2013) is his penultimate short film after Overnight (2004) and Luminaire (2005) and before Elena Asins-Génesis, short awarded with the Critics Award at Aguilar de Campoo Film Fest. On Feelshorts you can find Pulse within the special collection of short fiction candidates for Goya Awards.