Now coming to our short film channel, Poor Sailor, an ESCAC Films production by their former student Victor Carrey, renowned director of music videos and of the award-winning short film The Getaway. In 2013, Carrey received the Canal + Project Award in Short Film at the Medina del Campo Film Festival to shoot his second short film.

Poor Sailor is the film adaptation of the comic Poor Sailor by Sammy Harkham, who in turn was inspired by the story At the Sea by ​​Guy de Maupassant.

Jonas and Rachel live in the countryside. Their life is happy and in harmony with nature and animals. One day, they receive a visit from Jonas’ older brother, Nestor, who is captain of a fishing boat docked for a few days in a nearby town. During the time they spend together, Nestor tells him the wonders of life at sea, the money they have earned and the adventures they had. Jonas is amazed by the stories his brother tells and decides to accompany him for one season, but Rachel doesn’t approve.

Nevertheless, Jonas, moved by curiosity and the desire for freedom, decides to leave his wife and embark on an adventure at sea, though he will pay a heavy price for it.

Carrey’s highly-interesting second short film, with a visual treatment full of references to masterpieces in classic cinema, such as John Ford’s The Searchers.