Matej Lavrenčič, creator of animations and illustrations and comics, directed the short film Patty: A Short Film in Perverses conducted in collaboration with Romano Ramzan.

This animated short film, new this week on Feeltoons, is a walk through drawn fantasies of a worshiper obsessed with international porno diva Patty Diphusa, based on Pedro Almodóvar’s writings.

Patty’s character is, among other things, an alter ego of Almodóvar, who wrote these texts already in 1983 as a sort of farewell to the “movida madrileña” with which Almodóvar celebrated the release of taboos officially imposed.

About the text by Almodóvar: “Patty Diphusa, an international star (so she says) of porn graphic novel, was invited by the director of a postmodern magazine to relate their memories. Patty never sleeps, so she has many things to tell. For her, everything is night; her adventures, almost always related to every conceivable sexual variations and with all kinds of drugs, serve to reflect, in her way, about the human condition. Because, although her stories are full of fellatio, cunnilingus, penetrations from any orifice, art gallery openings, clubs, taxis, porn graphic novels, etc., in the background of all this we find a girl who flees solitude, as anyone endowed with an inexhaustible capacity for pleasure and no capacity for disappointment. A relentless lively. Conceived in the booming 80s, Patty reflects and distorts the days and nights in Madrid, full of characters who seem a catalogue of traumas and vices “(Source: Anagrama).

The short film based on these ideas, Patty: A Short Film in Perverse that we present today, won the award for best animated film at the Milano Film Festival.