The latest films from many of “our” Feelmakers have been selected to the competitive sections of the next Malaga Film Festival, the most important event in Spanish cinema. An ideal time for a look back at their previous work in our catalogue:

Manuela Moreno presents Rumbos 

Thanks to her prolific career as short film director, Manuela Moreno is presenting her second feature in the official section of the Malaga Film Festival. On Feelmakers, you can watch her short film Beds.

Juan Gautier presents The Applicant 

The Applicant, a short film starring Patrick Criado, chronicles the first few weeks of a “newbie” in his college dorm. On Feelmakers, we offer a retrospective of Gautier’s career with five of his best films.


Alejandro Suárez presents The Fisherman

Competing in the Official Section, The Fisherman is a sci-fi film shot in Hong Kong with references to 1980s genre cinema. On Feelmakers, you’ll find his latest short Hidden Soldier. 

David Pantaleón presents Slumber Party

“A grotesque representation, a masquerade ball, democracy under the rubble of lies”. That’s Slumber Party, the selected new short by the director of the documentary short film on Feelmakers Hibernating.

Tomás Astudillo presents Campaign moments 

Documentary filmmaker Tomas Astudillo is competing in the official section of documentary films with Campaign Moments, a reflection on how politics is done in Ecuador. On Feelmakers, watch Solid Ocean, another reflection; this one, on the depths of the human ocean.

David Martín de los Santos presents May 23rd 

On Feelmakers, we have four of Martin de los Santos’ diverse and engaging films. We can’t wait to see his new documentary short, May 23rd, in competition in Malaga.


David Varela presents Freedom to Kill the Other Children


Author of the documentary feature Banaras Me David Varela is also competing in the Official Selection with Freedom to Kill the Other Children, a short film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the story of a prisoner from one of the two sides.

Miguel López Beraza presents With All Your Cameras 

The winner of the Goya award for best short documentary for the film Walls, a short you can see in Feelmakers, López Beraza will also be competing in the Official Documentary Short Film Competition with With All Your Cameras.

Jorge Dayas presents Araan 

Jorge Dayas’s new animation film has been selected to the Animazine section. Do not miss his film The Lady on the Threshold on Feelmakers.

Fernando Franco presents The Right Place

Also in Animazine, and along with Begoña Arostegui, the editor and director Fernando Franco is competing with The Right Place. In our catalogue, you will find his live action short film Tu (a)mor.

Abraham López Guerrero presents Just the Beginning 

From Abraham López Guerrero, we are offering his short film Blue and Malone, which mixes live action with animation. In Malaga, he is submitting Just the Beginning.


Jaime Maestro presents Oa 

Last but not least, an animator whose films The Smoke Seller and Friendsheep can be found in our catalogue, Jaime Maestro is competing in Animazine with Oa.