The Argentinian actor Héctor Colomé died last Saturday in Madrid at the age of 71. Having moved to Spain in 1976, his first major success came with Absalom (1983) in theatre and in cinema with Redondela (1987), by Pedro Costa. Colome’s career in film, theatre and television was a lengthy one. He even worked as a voiceover actor in series such as Knights of the Zodiac, MacGyver, Colombo and Falcon Crest.

In the late nineties, he began his relationship with actress Carmen Arevalo, filmmaker Daniel Sánchez Arevalo’s mother. On several occasions, the director has called Colome his “father in cinema” and used to reserve him that role in his films, such as in AzulOscuroCasiNegro (2006), The Great Spanish Family (2013) and the short films Physics II and Orthopedic surgery. He also repeated work with another filmmaker, Xavi Puebla, with whom he starred in two superb films: Welcome to Farewell-Guttman (2008) and In Cold Door (2012).

On Feelmakers, you can find two shorts by Sánchez Arévalo with Hector Colome: Prophylaxis and Physics II.