The Open Door, Marina Seresesky’s first feature, now has a release date: September 2. We can’t wait to see it!

On Feelmakers, you have the complete filmography of this Argentinian actress and director, her two award-winning short films and a documentary feature:

The cortège


A love story between Capi, the oldest gravedigger in the cemetery, and Marta, who has been coming every month for years to bring flowers to her husband’s grave.

The wedding


A Cuban immigrant cleaning lady is willing to go to no end to attend her daughter’s wedding. Even if that means losing her job and spending all her savings on the wedding dress.

Mothers 15 Cents a Minute


Is it possible to be a long-distance mother? Can you bring up a child from a phone booth? Women traveling thousands of kilometers to give their children a brighter future, tell what it’s like being a mother over the phone, making the booth their second home, and transforming their voices into their most valuable resource.