This year that is ending will be remembered in the history of Spanish short films as the year of the stories of the recession: that is something that we do not doubt after viewing the powerful short films candidates for the Goya Awards, and of which is part the first short film of the journalist Miguel Parra, No Answer.

Lola (Natalia Mateo), our protagonist, spends the workday between pressures, but she does the job without thinking much about it: she works as a telemarketing phone operator of a financial company and, from her tiny cubicle, calls daily those who owe more fees to remind them that, when it is about money, there are no excuses.

However, in this economical crisis, or you are Mark Zuckerberg or you’ll end up having any personal connection with any of the truncated lives of the preferred shares, mortgages and unemployment. Lola too.

Watch No Answer with 13 other short films candidates to the 2015 Goya Awards, including other films where are reflected these years of economic recession and its aftermath.