To mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the Morgancrea-produced photography exhibition Nazis in the Bidasoa was inaugurated March 27 in the House of Peace and Human Rights in San Sebastian.

Nazis in the Bidasoa is a photography exhibition showing the presence and activities of the Nazis on both sides of Bidasoa River. The daily life of the occupying troops and the work of fortifying the Basque coast by building the Atlantic Wall to prevent an Allied landing on the one hand, and on the other their fraternization with the Francoist authorities, their collusion with the Phalangists and the military propaganda and ostentatious manifestations.

Although Franco’s Spain was formally “neutral”, the government continued to work with the Nazis in all areas -economic, political, military, propaganda and espionage- so that in 1940-1944 they were considered good neighbours.


This exhibition is part of the recently-opened project Comète, the Network of Evasion. It is made possible thanks to the collaboration of Kutxateka Kutxa Fundazioa photographic funds (honorary photographers Pascual Marín and Vicente Martin), the Basque Museum of Bayonne, the Jiménez Aberasturi archive, the Louvigné-Sallaberry collection and Das Bundesarchiv archive.

You can gain further insight into this interesting subject through the documentary film A Swastika in the Bidasoa, which features a similar plot and can be found on Feeldocs.