In Colombia, women living in the countryside have a bigger workload and are more invisible to the state and agencies. They are expected to carry out the duties of wife, mother and community member, however they are not recognized for their contribution to family subsistence, food security and economic development.

The documentary by Diana Kuellar Moon to Moon shows what a day in the life of two Colombian women is like, from 4 am to 10 pm, moon to moon.

High in the Andes Mountains in Colombia, two hours before sunrise, Mama Jacinta turns on the stove. Even though the children are on vacation, they will soon rise for breakfast and help in the field. At the same time, in the Cauca River Valley, Martha, mother of 8 children, prepares the lunch she will take with her to work in the sugar cane fields. The bus picks her up before 6 am.

Mama Jacinta is of the indigenous Misak people, a traditionally patriarchal community that has been stood out over the last forty years in Colombia for their struggles and mobilizations for the recovering their lands and their rights. They  managed to get one of their governors to represent them in the country’s constitutional reform and senate, making the Misaks community visible in the country and throughout the world. Women have provided key support and thanks to the work of Mama Jacinta and other leaders, women have a say in the decisions of its people. Mama Jacinta was the first mayor and general secretary of the council. Her life revolves around the field; working 12 hours a day, selling products in the market and earning about €25 per month.

In addition, Marta belongs to one of the most mistreated labour unions in Colombia, the cane cutters. For decades, the mills have exploited and taken advantage of most Afro farmers lacking any organization. A few years ago, with the support of the unions, they managed to structure and obtain better working conditions. Women, despite spending hours cutting cane, are not considered cutters, so they do not have the same benefits as men and have lower wages and greater instability. Marta works in the field 10 hours a day, is a representative of the workers and earns €190 a month.

Moon to Moon is a documentary made for the Peace and Solidarity Foundation of the CCOO de Barcelona, and it is part of a series of 6 documentaries each filmed in a different country, under the direction of Michela Albarello of the Foundation.