Dori is a Spanish young unemployed, fond of anything having to do with the world of television series. Suddenly, she wins an international contest to dinner one night in New York with the protagonist of her favorite series. But dinner won’t be exactly as expected.

These are the premises of Meeting with Sarah Jessica, the new Vicente Villanueva’s short film, a candidate for the 2015 Goya Awards. From a dinner with his favorite actress, Dori discovers that nothing is what it seems. Villanueva leads to life in his fiction the conspiranoia stories circulating on the network today.

In the words of director: “We live schizophrenic times. Everything that once seemed impossible to happen eventually becomes a reality that we accept amazed and impressed. Mafia governments, media communication to the orders of political interests, alienation of the masses, economic crisis, large-scale espionage … What was the strategy? Pretending that none of this existed, and take for fools to those who denounced: but fortunately many things just come to light. And everything that is not out yet? What about aliens, for example? Today it seems crazy, but if tomorrow they land their ships, the next week it will seem normal in the world. ”

Meeting with Sarah Jessica is played by Inma Cuevas and Montserrat Roig de Puig. Special mention is deserved to the cameo of three muses of the director: Carmen Ruiz (The blonde from Pinos Puente) in the role of Celine Dion; Marta Belenguer (The future is in porn) playing Annette Bening; and Guadalupe Lancho (Queen and beggar and Heterosexuals and married people) in the role of Beyoncé.

After an acclaimed career as short filmmaker (on Feelshorts you can find The future is in porn, Heterosexuals and married people, The blonde from Pinos Puente, You are and Queen and Beggar), Vicente Villanueva debuted in the long feature in 2011 with The Opposite of Love. Meeting with Sarah Jessica has been a return to short films before shooting his second feature; Móstoles is not what it seems or the importance of being Encarna.