In 2010, Mexican director Rafael Palacio shot Man in a room, the adaptation of David Shrigley’s graphic novel about a man who spends all his time lying in bed sleeping, alone, staring at the ceiling, drinking beer, calling prostitutes and going back to sleep. One day, God comes to tell him that he needs to change his behaviour or he will go to hell. The Man must make a decision.

The film participated in the 67th edition of the Venice Film Festival and the official section of the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, Leeds Film Festival in the UK and the Gijon International Film Festival in Spain.

For this film adaptation, the director based his work on Guy Bourdin photography, creating, with the help of cinematographer Autumn Cheyenne Durald, a saturated palette with white light and harsh shadows. The intention was to create a minimalist “non-space”, focusing on the elements rather than its surroundings.

Rafael wanted to give from the original novel not only the idea of ​​loneliness, but also the experience transmitted in reading of the book, preserving the rhythm and tone, but adding narrative. To do this, he shot in negative film format, with a very aesthetic result, full of textures.