The 19th edition of the Community of Madrid’s Short Film Week that will take place from April 24 to 30 pays tribute to a director who has a long and successful career in the world of short films thanks to the magnificent stories he tells in the world of cinema and stage, some of which you will find on Feelmakers.

José Manuel Carrasco writes, directs and sometimes produces; his filmography shows his refined talent for writing characters directing actors.

The Short Week has prepared a splendid session dedicated to his filmmaking and his ability for directing actors, with his presence at various workshops and meetings. If you cannot make it to the Circle of Fine Arts this Thursday the 27th, don’t worry, on you have his most interesting works available to stream:

Doctor’s office 16

Direction and screenplay: José Manuel Carrasco.

Production: Malvalanda-Penélope Cristobal PC.

Cast: Luis Callejo, Ana Rayo, Consuelo Trujillo, Roberto Tejela.

  1. 12 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: Two strangers waiting … two lives stopped … A woman who flees and a man willing to go on living.


Direction and screenplay: José Manuel Carrasco.

Production: Malvalanda-Penélope Cristobal PC.

Cast: Nacho Casalvaque, Marko Mihailovic.

  1. 12 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: Carlos has a problem …


Direction and screenplay: José Manuel Carrasco.

Production: ECAM.

Cast: Marko Mihailovic, Ana Rayo

  1. 13 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: Pilar does not want to be alone, so she goes to a dating agency to arrange her a blind date. What Pilar does not know is that her date has other interests that have little or nothing to do with her own.

Life in Mars

Direction and screenplay: José Manuel Carrasco.

Production: Arturo Ruiz Serrano PC.

Cast: Luis Callejo, David Castillo, Ana Rayo, Marina Salas.

  1. 16 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: What do you think is the desire of every human being?

José Manuel Carrasco has worked as a director, actor and assistant director for various theater companies performing in venues in Spain, Italy, Mexico and the United States, with titles such as El encanto sin encanto by Calderón de la Barca, Los Melindres de Belisa by Lope de Vega and Lysistrata by Aristophanes.

He has also written and directed the theatrical monologue La vida en blanco, the micro theatre play entitled America, and the comedy Todo va Bien.

He is the director and screenwriter of the short films Padam … (2007), which was nominated for the 2008 Goya Awards, Doctor’s Office 16 (2008), Impulse (2009), Explicit Sex (2013), (re) construction (2014), Sinecdoque. A Story of Amour Fou (2015), that have won awards at many national and international festivals. He has just recently released his latest short film entitled Vida en Marte (2016), which premiered at the Medina del Campo Film Week and won the national short film award in Cortogenia 2016, and lastly, Haloperidol, which received the Best Script and Best Actress Awards at the 2016 Jameson Notodofilmfest.

He is also the screenwriter on the series Xqesperar for NEOX and wrote the screenplay for the feature film Comedia anónima.

Carrasco made his feature film debut with the comedy El diario de Carlota, produced by Tornasol Films and Castafiore Films, released in July 2010.

He is a professor of on-camera acting at the ECAM, UNIR. School of actors and has led the Film Workshop at the Camilo José Cela University (Madrid).