With one of the least mainstream titles in film history, the Caiman Cuadernos de Cine magazine editorial colleagues Javier Garmar and Gonzalo de Pedro Amatria co-direct History 52785 / 614-18, documentary short film about the life of a person as seen through the prism of their profile as a hospital patient: “Your medical history is part of a huge virtual archive of lives told through symptoms, diagnoses and cures.” From ultrasound to death certificates, every cold, broken bone or operation portrays who we are.

A medical history provides a cold and orderly account what happens to the protagonist during the time spent in hospital. There, a chain of hands that is as random as possible reveals the story. What separates a life that ends from another yet to come? What joins them?

The filmmakers make use of audio-visual experimentation to tell this story, which also can be seen in another short film made by both: Emetreinta, also available on Feelshorts.

History 52785 / 614-18 won the Award for Best Soundtrack in Alcine Film Festival.