The Spanish Academy of Film Arts and Sciences will announce their annually nominated short films next December 14.

One more year, we are offering you a selection of the short films pre-selected to the 2017 Goya Awards. A good sample of the best Spanish productions in fiction, animation and documentary shorts that you can enjoy now on


Stories about couples in a two-way dialogue, such as the heartbreaking Don’t Leave Me (Laura Jou) and the reencounter in Life on Mars (José Manuel Carrasco).

In Self-storage (Gaizka Urresti) there is also a reunion, this time between Carmelo Gómez and his childhood. Nostalgic memories that will make us smile in Vainilla (Juan Beiro).

Three visions of teenage life: On the Roof (Damiá Serra), Brothers (Javier Roldán) and Sleep Over (Susana Casares).

Rounding out the selection, five films from very different genres: the apocalypse of Zero (David Victori), produced by Ridley Scott and Fassbender; the drama of wartime journalism in Jingle by Marta Aledo, the comedy in Bla, bla, bla (Alexis Morante) and Me, President (Arantxa Echeverría) and the unclassifiable Disco Inferno by Alice Waddington


Memories of a past life are told through voices leading us through the nooks and crannies of an empty house on May 23rd (David Martín de los Santos).

Talking Heads (Juan Vicente Córdoba) creates a mosaic of human life through two simple questions: who are they and what do they want from life.

The Resurrection Club (Álvaro Corcuera, Guillermo Abril) takes us deep into North America and the havoc that its hard laws have wreaked on Death Row.

Tout le mond aime le bord de la mer (Keina Espiñeira) deals with the harsh reality of illegal immigration through the long wait of those on the other side of the border.

The Dance of the Infants (Jokin Pascual, Javier Dampierre) talks about the passing tradition of the San Fermines from parents to children, while Neither God nor Santa Marta, by Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón is halfway between the reality of a documentary using file footage and the experimental manipulation of a mythological tale.


Another false documentary, this time animated, is the portrait by Darío Pérez of an inventor of wind-up toys: Portrait of a wind-up maker.

I said I would never talk about politics, by Aitor Oñederra, is an hilarious and explicit reprimand of the current political situation, while Made in Spain (Coke Riobóo) is an ingenious parody with Gypsy humor in an animation made using eighty plastic dolls.

Two beautiful stories, Oa, by Jaime Maestro and Uka, from Valle Comba, stand up for high-quality family animation, and the love stories, which develop in very different ways, are in the films Amore d’inverno (Isabel Herguera) and Down by love (José Corral).


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