Sebastian Alfie accepted the proposal of the NGO Eyes of the World for a short film about the activities of the humanitarian organization in Bolivia. There, he would shoot the stories of several people who, thanks to the NGO, would have the opportunity to be operated and restore vision.

During preproduction, the filmmaker contacted with a camera rental company to decide the equipment that he would take. What he did not know is that there he would meet who would change the course of the production: Gabor Benne, owner of the company, and a former director of photography who stopped making films when he lost the sight ten years ago by an accident during a shooting.

From that moment, Sebastian decided what, a priori, seemed crazy: he wanted Gabor to make the cinematography of the short film, while another crew would shoot the experience of this production. What better way to talk about blindness?


Gabor is a moving documentary about vision loss and self-improvement, which raises questions as: What is seeing? What part of the vision is related to the physical capabilities and what part to the memory and experience?

The film won the Best Documentary Award at the Malaga Film Festival and Documenta Madrid.