After its successful run at animation festivals around the world,Carlos De Carvalho and Aude Danset’s First autumn arrives at  FeelFest, where it is competing in the Official Selection Animation.

The film shows the chance encounter of two children living in opposite seasons: Apolline, who lives in summer, in a lush forest surrounded by beautiful puppies, and Abel, who lives in winter, in a freezing grey environment and with his ghastly litter of dogs. Their chance encounter is what brings about the first autumn, the combination of two very different worlds frightens and fascinates our protagonists. But in the end, curiosity overcomes the fear of the unknown.

The beautiful aesthetic animation in First Autumn is moving in this ¡ first work from Aude Danset Carlos de Carvalho, and you can see it and vote for it at FeelFest until December 8th.